Sunday, November 28, 2010


Beatbox Canada Championships - 1st Annual

Heres a video from the 1st annual Canadian Beatboxing Competition at the Mod Club. In the beginning you can check me, Fil Matovina, Tongson Chen, Julian Altrows and 'the General' doin a live paint to some of the craziest beatboxing I've ever heard. Was a great event, props to Pierce for having us.

Sketchbook work

the Sis...

From moleskine started in August. Some prep work for paintings, and miscellaneous musings.
Oily goodness...
Next detail...
Final Piece, in the lovely mess of the thesis studio

The Fresh Stuff

These are a handful of paintings I have done for part of my Thesis research. Mainly explorations into different techniques in paint handling as I was figuring out how I was going to go about representing the landscape.

These are the pieces I did for the Soul Extract show at Sleeping Giant Gallery in late September,
also in the show were pieces by Tongson Chen, Julian Altrows, Filip Matovina and Nick Defina.
These pieces are all acrylic and oil on canvas. This was the jump off point for my newer work that is all based around my experience working on Vancouver Island for the last 3 summers.

Finally Here!

Its taken a long time to join the thousands out there with their work up in internet land. I'm going to post pics of some older work (this past year) and some current projects that I have on the go. The eagle has landed and is hungry, hope you enjoy.